girl mountains landscape photography by alexander may

Creative Mind: Alexander May

Hi Alex! I’m sure our readers would like to know a bit about you. Could you introduce yourself?

Ok, so. I’m Alex, 27 years old and besides photography I’m currently writing my Bachelor Thesis in medieval History. Next to studying and photographing I also make music 😉. Originally I’m from a small town in the far north of Germany, but currently I’m based in Berlin. I guess I started photography 3 years ago, out of curiosity. My fiance is photographing since she was 13 or 14, I think, and eventually I just wanted to know the feeling, to look trough a camera and see the things, she saw in those moments. I’m photographing with a Nikon D 700 and mostly with a Sigma 35mm 1.4 or Nikkor 50mm 1.4.

girl mountains landscape photography by alexander may

In one of your posts you wrote that you think you need a ‘massive change’ in your picture style and that you want more meaning in your images. Have you found a way to deal with that and incorporate it in your everyday photography?

Well, I actually tried to change my approach on how I compose and most of all my way of merging people with nature. I looked for a more complex way to express the language of my pictures. In the end, I tried it once and I failed. But in the retrospective, I’m glad I failed. I noticed, that I don’t need a pseudo deep meaning in my pictures. I don’t need to give my works a certain, literally nude kind of importance. I realized that I liked my old way of fusing people with nature and that sometimes, you don’t need to inflict a massive change in your works if you don’t really feel like it.

What or who inspires you? Not necessarily in photography, but in LIFE.

Call me cheesy, but most of all, the person I fell in love with. For almost 9 years, Anja never ceases to amaze me. Not only with her photography, that for me, never stops to keep me in awe and that pushes me further and further. But also her way of dealing with life. I’ve never met someone so emphatic and sensitive. A person so full of joy but at once keeps such an amount of melancholia in her heart and soul like her.

girl mountains landscape photography by alexander may

girl mountains travel photography by alexander may

You attended a Flickr gathering in Tuscany last year. How was it meeting other great photographers and what did you learn (or experience) from this?

Well, at first I was slightly irritated, when I got asked for it. There where people I admired for quite a long time and now I should spend a few days among them? No way! I remember the first night we arrived in Tuscany. I was pretty nervous and shaky. In the end, my biggest experience was when I realized, that big names shan’t to be equalized with big egos (which I first thought). In those few days, the group grew like a little family to me and I’m so glad I can call some of these my friends. Not because oft he works they make and the fame they might generate but more of the connectivity in soul and mind that eventually started a friendship!

You also spent some time in Scotland with Anja where you made many landscape shots of beautiful nature. How come you chose Scotland as your travel destination and what inspired you there?

I think that Scotland appeared first to me, through the shots of Alex Strohl. I follow him for quite some time on Instagram. He is one of my favourite landscape photographers not only on Instagram. When we saw his shots from Glen Coe and Neist Point we just knew, that we need to get there. In a time, where everybody is yelling about #theplacetobe, Scotland is quite the calm counterpart. When we first drove through Glen Coe we were silent fort he whole drive. No words can describe the feeling you get, when you embrace this monumental nature. Now, when we’re in Scotland, it’s almost like getting home.

What is it you find interesting about a model?

Depends on who I choose. Mostly it’s the eyes that first capture my attention. A captivating stare can make the most difference! But eventually it’s the character which I hope to recreate in my shots.

Any plans for 2016/2017?

I think with our Iceland trip in September, we pretty much fulfilled one of our biggest dreams. The next step lies overseas. But before that, we will concentrate on our third family member coming April next year. ❤


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girl in the woods peeking by alexander may

girl face eye portrait photography by alexander may

girl in the woods by alexander may

girl landscape portrait photography by alexander may


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