sea and rocks in the evening

What To Do When You’re Stuck

”I don’t think I’m getting any better and I’ve got a creative block. I’m stuck. What should I do?”

You wouldn’t imagine, but I get this question a lot.

It seems creatives don’t really like to talk about phases of creative blocks because they don’t want to be seen as uncreative. Truth is, we all come to that point from time to time and it should stop being a taboo topic; we’re not machines. Everyone’s got their own methods of dealing with blocks, and I’ll share with you what works for me.

Instagram, Facebook, Flickr or any other social media is jam-packed with imagery. Absorbing all these visuals sometimes feels like brainwashing, and avoiding seeing lots of pictures makes my brain ‘reset’. That means I can start creating from the heart again, oblivious to what makes a ‘good’ photo and wondering if my images resemble too much something I had already seen.

Talk about anything besides your work. Just forget about it for a while, and talk about common themes, discuss movies, great music and books. Dance like nobody’s watching (because nobody is, really)!

three girls friends near a lake

If you have money to go in a new place far away, do that. But if you don’t, then don’t hesitate to rediscover beaches, smaller towns, mountains and woods near you. Even a 10-minute ride can have a refreshing effect.

I have problems overthinking images while I’m laying in bed at night, still full of adrenaline and my brain racing from idea to idea. It can become overwhelming and prevent me from falling asleep. It’s common sense we want to quickly find a solution when we face a creative block, but overthinking it mostly hasย a negative effect.

sea and rocks in the evening
I live near the beach, so I love taking a walk there or going with my bike for a ride.

All of these tips share the same core: getting away. The more pressure we put on ourselves, the more we want to force ideas to start sparking, the less we’re able to produce satisfactory results.ย Sometimes we need to slow down and just ”enjoy the ride”.


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