conceptual portrait photography with male model

The Importance of Learning

Learning and perseverance come hand in hand and the more time you spend actively pursuing a passion, it will pay off.
A leading thought that pushes me to learn more is this:

You are never good enough; there is always room for improvement.

And if I were to live a million years, I would still find it motivating! But how do you learn? Where does knowledge come from? In photography, I do the following:

It should be obvious, shouldn’t it? The fact remains that many beginner photographers are too shy to ask their more experienced colleagues questions they would like answered. I would sincerely advice you not to be one of them! Surely, some will never reply your emails, but others are very helpful and like to share their knowledge. I’ve learnt a ton from my fellow photographers and I’m still learning! Whether it’s a question about gear, inspiration, lighting or model posing, there’s someone out there who would be happy to guide you and give you insightful information!

(ta da da dam) THE INTERNET
Of course. Youtube alone is packed with tutorials, let alone websites in the likes of, Creativelive, Melissa Rodwell’s The Breed or Udemy, just to name a few.

The rule of thumb is: if you don’t know it – google it! Do your homework, do your research.

conceptual portrait photography with male model
Without internet tutorials I probably would never have learnt all the magic of Photoshop and, therefore, could never create certain images I had in mind. I really feel great respect towards all these people who put their knowledge out there and teach us how to become better at what we love! (Thanks to Eric for modelling for this photo)

I’ve also learnt a lot reading other photographers’ blogs where they carefully explain their shoots and why something was done exactly the way it was. They not only share technical details, but also their creative vision. Interviews with photographers whose work I admire is also one thing I love to search for: they give you an idea of who the person behind the camera is. Someone’s background, education, experience, likes and dislikes influences a great deal the way they perceive the world and why they create the way they do.

And I mean it! Without practice, there’s no chance of growth and just imagine how sad it would be if your ideas only stayed written on paper without ever seeing the light of day. I have to remind myself of that every time I feel too lazy, or cold, or just disinterested; ideas can only spring to life by constant work. And it’s always worth it.

Do you have any other methods of learning? How do you expand your knowledge?

photographer self portrait with cameraAbout the author
Hi! I’m Isabella and I’m a photographer, blogger and applied arts graduate. I love spending my time creatively, or watching movies, drinking tea, playing with my cats and hanging out with friends.
Find me here or on Facebook and say hello!


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Learning

  1. divna misao vodilja…uvijek može bolje. Vjerujem da je u umjetnosti radna etika još važnija nego u drugim poslovima, posebno jer tu nikad nije dovoljno biti na pravom mjestu u pravo vrijeme već svako pretvaranje mašte u stvarnost zapravo znači jako dugo radno vrijeme. Treba se puno potruditi za realizirati i pretvoriti u stvarnost bilo kakvu kreativnu ideju, a uz to ide i puno učenja, istraživanja…upitati za savjet je nešto čega se ne bi trebali bojati, ma koliko godina i iskustva imali. Kao što kažeš, puno ljudi je spremno nesebično podijeliti svoje znanje.


    1. Zapravo to što uvijek može bolje je vrlo jaka motivacija. 🙂 Iako se kreativni rad svodi na to da radimo što volimo, ipak zahtijeva odgovornost i upornost i stvarno jako dugo radno vrijeme! Hvala na komentaru i drago mi je da imamo slično viđenje 🙂


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