iphone on notebooks showing the google maps app for location scouting

How To Keep A List of Shooting Locations

Location scouting is fun and sometimes unexpected. There are times when I would see a beautiful location, but would then completely forget about it. Whenever I travel – be it a 10-minute or a 5-hours ride – I always try to keep my eyes open (except on curvy roads; it makes my stomach lurch!). Outside of a car window is a vast new world passing by and if you’re looking for locations, you might as well find some interesting ones.

I use a few different methods to keep a list of locations for future reference:

I love using the Google Maps app on my smartphone! With only an add to bookmarks click you’ve got your awesome location pinned down for future reference. Not only you can find the EXACT spot next time, you can as well add a name to it. I like to keep things simple and straightforward, like:
‘’Cool ruins for fashion shoot’’
‘’Tall trees! Come in fall’’
‘’Yellow flowers – spring’’

(C) Isabella Bubola
Google Maps are an easy way to pin down the exact location where you’ve found an interesting shooting location. You won’t have to think too hard next time you try to find it!

OneNote is my go-to for everything I need to organize and remember, from my hairdresser’s working hours to my dentist’s phone number. The app (that works both online, on your PC and on your smartphone with an easy way to sync these devices) lets you create notebooks where you can keep everything you need.
It’s great for keeping a list of locations with photos and a short caption (the time of year, brainstorming ideas and color schemes that could work well!).

(C) Isabella Bubola
You can always keep a good old notebook for everything, but I found out that for me it gets too messy and confusing in the end. I like to organize my locations by topics because I can already picture beforehand what kind of shoot could suit them best!

When I first got on Pinterest, I had to idea what I could use it for besides looking at pretty Scandinavian interiors and delicious desert recipes. Only a while back I’ve figured I could use Pinterest’s secret boards to create moodboards for my shoots! I love having an idea in my mind and collecting various visual references and locations play an important role in my work. Once I’m all set and done with my moodboard, I send an invite link to my models/team and show them what I’ve got in mind for our shoot.

Do you keep any lists? What works best for you?

photographer self portrait with cameraAbout the author
Hi! I’m Isabella and I’m a photographer, blogger and applied arts graduate. I love spending my time creatively, or watching movies, drinking tea, playing with my cats and hanging out with friends.
Find me here isabellabubola.com or on Facebook and say hello!


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